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January 23, 2000 - June 16, 2014

The Life and Times of Bonaventure

Bonaventure Rosenzweig, fourteen and half years old, died at his home early Monday morning, June 16, 2014 after a four day illness surrounded by his mishpacha(family).

I was abandoned when I was eight weeks old for maybe 30 seconds when a guy saw me walking on the banks of the Wilmington River in a place called Bonaventure Cemetery in March of 2000. He stopped working to come check me out. From that moment on, I knew this was b’sherit (meant to be). What a blast I had in those 14 years and 4 months. I really enjoyed helping out as best as I knew how until May of 2007 when Marvin Rosenzweig, Of Blessed Memory, was on this earth with us. He sure knew what a dog likes for snacks. I got to travel to two out of town weddings in Atlanta and Baltimore and a high school graduation in South Bend, Indiana. What a great trip that was!!! The last few years I occupied my day times by supervising that guy that picked me up years ago making sure he was doing things right out in my namesake. I want to apologize for things I should not have done as well as anyone that received a bit of a fright with my greetings from the truck early in the mornings on Atlas Street or any other place for that matter.

If you have any stories or pictures to shares, please do. I hear I was well known in the community. I need some good reading.

I want to thank that guy that picked me up and his family: Harvey, Lynn, Gail, Susan Rosenzweig and Yaacov, Yosef and Shoshana Sher and the rest of the mishpacha.

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  • —Lisa
  • Bonaventure was so lucky to have found Harvey. From the time he was a puppy, he instantly became Harvey's best buddy and went EVERYWHERE with him. He loved to ride in Harvey's truck and sometimes didn't want to get out of the truck at all. I remember one time when Harvey was out of town we used every tactic we could think of to get that dog out of the car including cheese and treats. Bonaventure stayed in the car until he was good and ready to get out! He let us know it too. My dogs had mixed feelings about him. Lizzy liked him just fine when he came over. Sandy took to a mood when he was around and hibernated in her bed. Lynn loved to bring Bonaventure over to our house sometimes when she was taking care of him for Harvey. He liked hanging out in our backyard and helped himself to the water bowl and ate anything we gave him. Especially chicken and meat. Bonaventure loved to make doodies in our backyard too. Aunt Gail loved Bonaventure too. Even though a clean and tidy house is a MUST in her book, she cottoned up to Bonaventure and was happy for him to visit. Bonaventure provided love and support for Uncle Marvin for many years while he needed care at home. Even though Bonaventure had a rough exterior at times, he loved and protected his family so much. I know that Harvey will always hold a place in his heart for Bonaventure.

    —Laurie Rubnitz
  • Philip... Bonaventure was so lucky you were the one to find him... You gave him love and life and he did right back at you.. I know your daddy (obm) really loved that dog and knowing Bonaventure was with your dad made it easier for you to go out. Please know that he went peacefully with his person by his side as you ALWAYS were.. Run pain free and whole Bonaventure!!

    —Dvorah Rina
  • I mean....what other dog in the world would get chicken livers on Shabbos?? His Auntie here even bought some for him a couple of times. He was as loyal as can be...there is no doubt abut that. No human has that kind of loyalty. He & Harvery were glued to the hip & Harvery catered to him as all dogs shuld be. He & Zoe tolerated each other. Sometimes, that would make Gail nervous. You have to be a dog person to truly understand what us dog people are talking about. No being can ever replace Bonaventure...he was so very special. Auntie Harriet

    —Harriet Rosen
  • We will really miss hearing Harvey's whistle for his beloved Bonaventure. The street will not be the same without our neighborhood pet.

  • May you be blessed to find comfort in the dog world of the beyond. You brought comfort to those who knew you and especially to those who loved you.

    —David Garfunkel
  • A candle was lit in memory of Bonaventure.

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